200 Club

We invite local residents and businesses to help our fundraising efforts by joining our 200 club lottery for £24 per year per ticket. Half the money raised each month is redistributed as prizes. The draw will take place at the end of each month. If you would like more information about either the lottery or the pledge scheme please contact the secretary@kelvedoninstitute.co.uk or download the forms from below.

After building the new Small Hall we are now turning our attention upgrading aspects of our original larger hall and 200 club funds are great help.
The original institute was built over 100 years ago on land and funding donated by local residents – hopefully today’s residents will feel able to repeat this generosity to allow us to continue for the next 100 years!

Pledge Form

200 Club application Form

200 Club Terms and Conditions

Winning Number and Prizes

January 2021
1st Prize £50.40 Ticket No. 83 
2nd Prize £25.20 Ticket No. 30 
3rd Prize £8.40 Ticket No. 69

February 2021
1st Prize £50.40 Ticket No. 31 
2nd Prize £25.20 Ticket No. 08 
3rd Prize £8.40 Ticket No. 82

March 2021
1st Prize £50.40 Ticket No. 25 
2nd Prize £25.20 Ticket No. 34 
3rd Prize £8.40 Ticket No. 75


Previous years draw results can be found here.